A Retired Houston Man Built a 20,000 Sqft. Home For His Entire Family To Live Together So They Can Spend More Time Together.

Photos Via Fox 26

VIDEO BELOW ~ INCREDIBLE: A retired Houston man built a 20,000 sq. ft. home for his entire family, including friends, to live together so they can spend more time together. 

“As much as people say ‘oh that's so nice of you to do this for your sisters.’ They have no idea the joy I get.
"We all contribute to the pot of money that covers the food, housekeeper, groundskeeper and utilities."

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - How often do you see your siblings and your extended family? One Houston man says most relatives don't spend enough time together so do you know what he did? 
He Built a family compound of his own. 

“I built this house for not just my immediate family but for my extended family including friends,” Reggie Van Lee said. Reggie Van Lee was a performer in the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. He recently retired as an Executive Vice President at a Houston consulting firm.

He moved out of his home in River Oaks after building this 20,000 square foot estate for himself, his three sisters and their families. That's why the 59-year-old says he built this house so their family could make many memories together.

Van Lee worked with the Clinton Foundation, was appointed to a couple of committees by President Obama and got the idea to build a family estate when he was invited to the Kennedy compound by Caroline Kennedy.

“And in 1976 this little black boy from Sunnyside said I'd like to have a family compound someday,” Van Lee said. 

Van Lee hopes to encourage other families to follow suit, even if on a smaller scale.

“I think if we did more of that we would have more happiness in the world and a lot less tension,” Van Lee said.

Economically this could be a Winning arrangement for many families.